Hanging Fixtures & Chandeliers

“We value our clientele. We are curious about everything. We are unbeatable.”

Enjoy a delightful ambiance thanks to our advanced lighting products. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams always considers quality and excellence to be at the heart of lighting products. You can now choose from our vast collection of chandeliers to create a soothing atmosphere with these high quality lighting products.

Choose from this wonderful collection of chandeliers for a natural balance between classic and modern styles. These creations add a trendy and unique style to your interiors due to their different varieties. The chandeliers offered by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams are manufactured by artisans to meet the needs of customers who are looking for more artistically designed products. Our lighting pieces do more than simply light up a room; they breathe new life, elegance and enchantment into your daily lives.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal High End Furniture Hanging Fixtures & Chandeliers
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal Hanging Fixtures & Chandeliers Spring Collection

Eco-friendly lighting: doing our part for the planet

“We believe in enriching our client’s lives.”

Mitchell Gold + Bob William has a great respect for the environment. This is why we have invested in green alternatives to support a cause that is dear to us. Our factory uses controlled lighting systems that are programmed by computer. Even small initiatives must be taken seriously because they can have a big impact. We must remember that our planet is fragile and that every action counts.

Electricity consumption is one of our main concerns. That’s why we favour an energy saving system that maximizes efficiency. Our company is also working on projects to ensure a greener future, including the possibility of using solar energy. This alternative would allow us to self-produce all of our electricity needs.

We believe that innovation leads to success. That is why we encourage the use of alternative lighting systems.

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