Sofas & sectionnals

“We are committed to the pursuit of equality by always delivering quality.”

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sofas and sectionals offer refinement, comfort and excellent taste. By choosing these high-end products, clients access an exclusive and diverse selection of living room furniture pieces on the cutting edge of design. Choose from a selection of unique styles to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Always at the forefront of trends in design, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams create a harmonious environment of peace and serenity. We’ve built up a reputation marked by our talented designers and design professionals who are masters at uniting styles and colours so that sofas and sectionals become the centrepiece of your living room. Celebrate the marriage of style and taste.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal High End Furniture sofas & sectionnals
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal sofas & sectionnals

Ecological upholstery products

“We make all our own upholstery products in North America, Creating new jobs for our economy.”

We work hard to be stewards for the environment. All our sofas and sectionals are made with recycled fibres from plastic bottles, and none of our products are treated with any chemicals. We think it’s essential to create furniture that meets all environmental standards. That is why most components used in our upholstered furniture are sourced from environmentally friendly materials. In an effort to help preserve the ozone layer, we make sure the upholstery on our sofas consists of at least 80% regenerated fibres, and that our foams are made up of up to 10% soy, a renewable natural resource. Soy fibres are the latest innovation in the industry and being leaders in design, we make good use of this material to manufacture high-end furniture. By purchasing innovative eco-conscious furniture items, our clients get quality products while promoting environmental conservation.

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