Designer Side Tables

“Leading the way in style and design, and always learning from the past.”

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams offers a wide range of designer side tables that blend practicality and elegance to achieve a Zen ambiance. We offer designer furniture pieces that meet the highest standards of luxury in interior decoration. Each side table is designed to bring together different elements in the room for a perfect decor where attention to detail and quality materials comes together. Create a unique atmosphere of comfort and relaxation in your living room or den with unique pieces brought to you by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, using a fusion of styles that can only be imagined by our design professionals. Dream big with our wide range of side tables made by expert designers.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal High End Furniture Designer Side Tables
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montréal Designer Side Tables Spring Collection

Preserving our forests

“Timeless furniture, delivered on time.”

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams signature furniture items are created in the spirit of environmental conservation. Our wooden structures are sourced from national and local suppliers who all comply with the US requirement norms on forest harvesting and afforestation measures. In our constant quest towards perfection we have found more ecological ways to create top quality furniture while maintaining great respect for our natural world. Our vision is the protection of our environment to ensure that we leave a rich legacy to future generations. We are thus able to make superior products that surpass the standards of the design industry while doing our part for the future of our planet.

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