“We create value for our customers.”

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams offers a distinctive range of office furniture that gives a unique atmosphere to your interior space. Add presence to your working area to evoke a professional yet relaxing mood using our range of styles. Our creations are designed to evoke an air of calm and serenity while perfectly harmonizing with the rest of your decor. By choosing Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, you are getting the best quality materials and superior craftsmanship in a stylish brand.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal High End Furniture Office Desks
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal desks Spring Collection

Our vision for the environment

We take environmental preservation very seriously, which is why our products are manufactured adhering to the strictest environmental guidelines to ensure a legacy of quality for future generations. Measures taken by our company do not represent any idealistic philosophies nor any phony “green washing” marketing plan to attract customers. Rather, these are fundamental principals of our company’s mission and guidelines on how we choose to run our business in an ethical fashion.

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