Buffets & TV Media

“We value our customers.”

We won’t disappoint you with our high quality buffets and TV cabinets. Their features also make them very practical storage spaces. In addition, their unique design and craftsmanship add a distinguished style to your overall decor. These exclusive pieces are a must to enhance any quality interior and give your home that perfect authentic ambiance. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams deluxe products are synonymous with high-end urban living.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal High End Furniture Buffets & TV Media
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal Buffets & TV Media Spring Collection

A little effort goes a long way

Our company is proud to actively contribute to the preservation of the environment in its own way. Every step of our design and manufacturing process has been planned out, with a focus on our environment. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams has partnered with a finishing company in developing a finish that reduces VOC emissions by almost 40%. We believe in the importance of doing our fair share when putting exceptional products on the market, while still preserving our beautiful natural environment.

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