Dining Room Tables

“We create an environment of mutual respect.”

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself with loved ones in a comfortable setting. These are precisely the kind of moments that Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams wants you to experience with its collection of sleek upscale dining tables. These authentic, beautifully crafted daily use products bring a new quality to your special moments around the dinner table. We provide the warm atmosphere in which to create your special memories.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal High End Furniture Dining Room Tables
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal Dining Room Table Spring Collection

Environmentally friendly packaging

At Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams we’re always taking concrete action to protect the environment from the negative impact of manufacturing processes, right down to the methods used for packaging. This is why our packaging is environmentally friendly. We don’t just use recycled cardboard for packaging, we’ve also changed the padded lining wrapped around each item so that it can easily be recycled, and we’ve also set up a large recycling campaign. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams does whatever is necessary to ensure production runs effectively and that the methods used are always ecologically sound.

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