“We love being invited.”

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with comfortable chairs, the perfect complement to any dining room set. A cozy and stylish ambiance is a must to create those memorable moments of bringing special people together. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is a brand that is synonymous with innovation and offers distinguished creations where luxury and good taste come together around the dining table. Enjoy these special moments of refined comfort with our unique and original luxury furniture pieces.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal High End Furniture Chairs Dining Room
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal Dining Room Chairs Spring Collection

Our expertise

We believe that the best way to experience life is through community. Our constant need to outperform one another has changed over time. In the furniture industry, we are progressing further away from the “older mentalities” and searching for new ways of doing things. For us and for the many dedicated members of our team, success is defined by the work we invest into innovative new approaches and taking the time and patience to produce quality. This is the proof that our expertise and our instinct are continuing to guide us in the right direction as industry leaders.

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