Chest of Drawers

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams chest of drawers are perfect for storing and organizing your belongings. Our collections include designer furniture lines that fully marry elegance and contemporary style. Enjoy the best of both worlds through our practical storage spaces, coupled with distinguished designer styles featuring subtle yet detailed tones. Our luxurious authentic furniture adds harmony and relaxation to your bedroom.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal High End Furniture Chest of Drawers
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal Chest of Drawers Spring Collection

The Importance Of Recycling To Reduce Waste

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams recycles its scrap leather and fabric by selling it to other manufacturers. Using these scrap materials, buyers can design new types of products. Through these measures, we’ve been able to shrink our landfill waste disposal rate by over 200 tons per year! Unused materials provide excellent quality and are reused by other craftsmen and designers to make exclusive up-cycled products. At the same time, this process helps to preserve our environment and gives us a greener way to reduce our waste.

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