Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams furniture provides all the comfort and privacy you need in your bedroom. Browse our collection of comfortable creations that unite craftsmanship and style to create the perfect environment of luxury and refined taste. Your bedroom will become a den of relaxation with the perfect atmosphere to recharge your batteries. We understand that you lead an active lifestyle, which is why we work every day to meet your needs for a calm and serene personal space.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal High End Furniture Beds Bedroom
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Montreal beds Spring Collection

Recycling for a better future

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams has launched a major recycling campaign in order to recycle paper, plastic and aluminum. This initiative was put into place to extend the life cycle of our products while reducing our carbon footprint. This represents a significant gesture to protect and preserve our environment. Recycling remains essential to our corporate mission; offering you the best products ever, while promoting programs that have a positive impact on our planet, is key to our vision.

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